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Eczema Prevention

Since eczema is not known to have any cure, eczema treatment is more on preventive lines. In an ideal world one could tell you to stay away from all that could trigger another of that unwanted eczema flare; but it's not a perfect world out there! Having accepted that, the treatment approach is to heal the skin, identify the irritants, reduce symptoms, prevent skin damage and future flares.

To relieve a patient of itchiness the doctors start with some basic therapies such as:

  • A room-temperature bath, to remove crusted skin.
  • A moisturizer or vegetable shortening, which helps conserve the skin's natural moisture, should be applied immediately afterward.
  • Coal-tar preparations also help.
  • Continuing on preventive lines, the best way to fight eczema flares is to control its aggravating factors.

    Reduce Stress

    Keep a tab on your stress levels, anxiety, depressions. Certain mind/body techniques have shown success in reducing eczema flares.

    Watch what you eat

    Especially in case of chronic type eczema, you need to watch your diet to check which ingredient affects your eczema attacks. The common names on the check list are eggs, peanuts, soy, milk, and food with trans-fatty acids like fired foods. On the other hand, fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and food rich in omega3 fatty acids are beneficial to reduce inflammations. Your doctor/dietitian/ naturopath can guide you to check which food items to steer clear of to avoid eczema flares.

    Useful Tip:
    Although somewhat controversial, some studies have shown that children who are exclusively breast-fed for at least 4 months are less likely to get eczema. This is particularly true when the nursing mother has avoided cow's milk in her own diet.

    Check your lifestyle

    Try to mould your lifestyle to avoid allergens and irritants that could trigger or aggravate an eczema attack. An off-the-hand checklist for allergens to avoid includes dust, pollens, mites and irritants could include any material the skin is sensitive to, cosmetics, detergents and other common chemical based products.

    Develop good personal habits

    Personal habits play an important role in checking those eczema flares. Make a conscious note of not to scratch affected areas, taking bath in lukewarm water, keeping skin moisturized, using mild soaps and cleansers.

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    Epinephrine shot
    If you are known to have a severe anaphylactic reaction, carry an epinephrine (adrenaline) shot with you at all times. Pay attention to expiration date and replace it regularly: upon expiration, it loses its effectiveness.

    Random Drug Info:
    Acyclovir is a medication that is used to treat herpes infections of the skin, lips and genitals, chicken pox and shingles. It comes in the form of ointments, tablets, capsules or liquids. It relieves pain and itchiness and promotes healing; however, it does not cure the condition. Possible (but not common) side effects include headaches, upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. Severe side effects, such as severe rash or itching, blood in the urine, stomach pain or fever are even less common, but require prompt medical attention.

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