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Conventional Treatments

In spite of our best preventive efforts eczema flares can worsen and require medical treatment. Typical treatment to eczema includes topical steroids and the more recent non-steroidal medications.

Topical steroids can range from over the counter hydrocortisone creams (anti-itch lotions) which are mild and can be easily applied on the face and other affected areas to a more potent steroid variety which require proper prescription.

Non-steroid medications are the latest in eczema treatment having more than 80% success rate. This new class of skin medication is called topical immunomodulators (TIMs). While this treatment does not have as immediate an effect as the steroidal variety, this treatment is found to be far safer with much less side effects than its steroidal counterpart.

In moderately serious cases of eczema flares in patients above 12 years of age, Phototherapy and Photo chemotherapy are also considered as treatment options.

Phototherapy involves treatment with ultraviolet rays in moderate eczema cases.

When phototherapy alone is found to be ineffective, it is combined with a drug called psoralen. This treatment is termed as Photo chemotherapy.

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