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Alternative Treatments

Other branches of medicine like Homeopathy, Herbal medicines, Climotherapy all offer different treatment options to eczema flares. A few treatment options are listed below


Homeopathic treatments take into account patients physical constitution and emotional and psychological makeup. Professional homeopaths have considered the following remedies for the treatment of eczema based on their knowledge and experience.

  • Calendula: applied to the skin, particularly if the affected area is inflamed; this remedy soothes but does not cure the skin condition.
  • Sulphur: for redness, burning, itching, and hot skin that tends to worsen with washing and scratching.
  • Herbal Medicine

    Herbal medicines are required to be taken under the guidance of a professionally qualified and trained herbalist. Herbals like drugs are known to have side effects and thus must be taken with care.

    One such herbal remedy is Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera biennis). Evening primrose seed oil (EPO) is used primarily to relieve the itchiness associated with certain skin conditions, including eczema.


    Climotherapy involves using attributes of the climate such as water and sunlight as treatment options for eczema.

  • Taking bath/swimming in hot springs with high sulphur content is known to give relief to eczema patients.
  • The Dead Sea of Isreal is known for its healing properties.
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