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Causes of Obesity

Obesity was always considered to be the result of excessive intake of calories coupled with a sedentary lifestyle. However, there are some other facts that also lead to obesity. Recently an Oxford University and Peninsula Medical School study revealed that a mutated FTO gene with a single incorrect nucleotide increased risks of obesity by 30% whereas two incorrect nucleotide increased risks of obesity by 70%.

Other genetic reasons like polymorphisms which are present in some genes and which regulate your appetite, your metabolism, etc also increase obesity risks. Genetic disorders like the Prader-Willi syndrome or the leptin receptor mutations increase your chances of obesity. Then, the CushingÂ’s syndrome, better known as hypothyroidism, or eating disorders like binging, anorexia nervosa, and bulimia nervosa and medications like glucocorticoids or atypical antipsychotics also lead to obesity. If you have a high glycemic diet which consist of food and meals with a lot of sugars, a stressful lifestyle, or lack of sleep then you might be over weight or obese. If you keep trying to lose weight then you incur weight cycling risks which also leads to obesity. Repeated attempts to give up smoking also results in overeating and obesity.

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