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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Symptoms of ADHD

Lack of attention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness are typical symptoms of ADHD which appear during childhood. The child won't be able to sit still, will be disruptive or can be a passive daydreamer who cannot pay attention. The child is overly active or hyperactive, is easily distracted, has little concentration, and is so impulsive that it affects his school grades.

Hyperactivity-Impulsive ADHD

Hyperactive people are always in motion. They run around playing or just touching anything they get hold of or they just seem to talk a lot. They squirm, fidget, wiggle, or make repetitive noises with their fingers or a thing they are holding in their hands. They are always restless and may try to do many things altogether at once. They feel restless, and often fidget with their hands or feet, or squirm while seated. They run, climb, or come up with answers without even hearing the whole question, they don't like waiting in line or for their turn at things.


Inattentive children can't concentrate keeping on anything for long and get bored quickly. They are forgetful about things they don't enjoy, and if they do the task it's full of error. They are quickly distracted by miscellaneous noises and things, they don't pay attention to details and keep making careless mistakes. They also fail to follow instructions and keep misplacing and forgetting their toys, books, pencils, etc. They are daydreamers, can be confused easily, hey are move slowly and mistaken to be lethargic people. They often don't understand verbal or written mater and makes frequent mistakes in their tasks.

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