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Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

Symptoms of a panic disorder include a hammering and pounding sensation in the heart, excessive sweating, feeling weak and faint or dizzy. People may flush or feel cold, hands can feel numb along with nausea, chest pain, or people will get feelings of being smothered. Patients may think they are having a heart attack or that they losing control of their minds or that they are about to die. People cannot predict their next panic attack so between bouts of such an attack, people begin worrying about when and where their next attack will occur. An attack may peak in about ten minutes or so, but its symptoms may last much longer. A full fledged repetitive panic attack can be upsetting and traumatic for most people. It often associated with other diseases like depression, alcoholism, or drug abuse.

OCD patients need to repeatedly touch or count or check things in a particular sequence. They have obsessive thoughts or feelings that are either violent or sexual or un-religious in nature. OCD patients are obsessed with pattern, symmetry, and order and they also have great difficulty discarding their belongings, so hoarding is and accumulating unnecessary things is another symptom of OCD anxiety disorder. This is often accompanied by other eating and anxiety disorders as well as depression.

PTSD patients are quickly startled, they become emotionally unresponsive, they lose interest in their old hobbies, and cannot display natural feelings like affection or love. Some people might even become overly aggressive or violent. They tend to run away from incidences that remind them or the original trauma, with anniversaries being especially difficult. During flashbacks, patients imagine the trauma to be recurring again.

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