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Treatment of Arthritis

Treatments for arthritis could combine exercise, controlling activities, controlling diet, medication and proper use of joints. Also, they include pain relief methods and assistive devices, such as splints or braces. In some cases surgery may needed. The doctor and the patient should work together to plan the treatment. Treatment plans usually combine several types of treatment and vary depending on the physical and medical condition of the patient.


The doctors can advice certain exercises like walking, low-impact aerobic exercise, swimming, etc. These may help to reduce the joint pain and stiffness. Stretching exercises could be helpful in keeping the joints flexible.


Maintaining the well-balanced diet may help arthritis. A balanced diet helps patients to manage their body weight and health condition. Controlling body weight is necessary for the patients who have arthritis because of over-weight. Diet controlling is also necessary for the patients who have gout. Patients with gout also should avoid alcohol and meats.


There are several types of medications that may be used long-term to reduce pain and symptoms, including the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory Medications – Aspirin, Ibuprofen, etc. help to reduce the pain and inflammation.
  • Anti-Rheumatic Medications - These kind of medications helps to slowing down the progress of disease and influence by correcting immune system abnormalities that are linked to the disease. These medicines are Methotrexate, Penicillamine, Hydroxychloroquine, etc.
  • Corticosteroids – This kind of medications contain hormones to treat rheumatic diseases. These medications like Prednisone, can be taken orally or as an injection.
  • Drug Info:
    Prednisolone is a synthetic corticosteroid (it has nothing to do with pills that bodybuilders pop - those are anabolic steroids). Corticosteroids are hormones that are naturally produced by your body's adrenal glands and, among their other functions, control your body's immune system's inflammatory responses. Prednisolone is usually administered in much higher dozes than the corticosteroid levels produced by the body, hence the side effects.


    In severe case of Arthritis surgery may be needed:

  • To repair the damage to a joint after trauma.
  • To restore the function of joint.
  • To relieve pain in a joint damaged by arthritis.
  • In some cases doctors may recommend Arthroscopic Surgery, Bone Fusion Surgery in which bones in the joint are fused or joined together, or Arthroplasty which is known as total joint replacement, in which the damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial one.

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