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Priapism Diagnosis

If your erection persists for longer than four hours, it is necessary to seek emergency medical help. The reason for panic is very legitimate – prolonged erection like the one associated with Priapism is very likely to result in impotence. Despite the presence of very painful and alarming symptoms, plenty of men delay seeking medical help to the point where the damage might be irreversible. The main reason for their reluctance is the fear of embarrassment and often, the confusion regarding the nature of their problem and which doctor to call. Here's the universal advice – call 911! Doctors in the emergency room know what to do, saw patients like you hundreds of times before and are so busy that they are unlikely to remember you longer than it will take them to help you.

The diagnosis of Priapism is not that difficult (a painful long-lasting erection not accompanied by sexual stimulation) and is usually established upon a routine external check-up performed by a sexologist, urologist or andrologist. Priapism might be caused by some other serious internal condition, so after your doctor helps you with Priapism, it is advisable to undergo a complete check-up.

Doctor Info:
Andrologist is a doctor (or a scientist) whose area of expertise is male fertility and male reproductive system. Many andrologists work in fertility treatment centers.

Untreated Priapism may result in fibrosis of the erectile tissue, which means that due to the prolonged inflammation, the normal, healthy tissue of the penis shaft gets replaced by scar tissue. That results in impotence which is very hard, if not impossible to treat. Even radical measures such as implantation of penile prosthetics become problematic.

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